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Sail Repairs & Valeting


We provide a full repair and valeting service for all your sails. We can remove and replace your sails from your boat if you are local to us, or you can drop them off at the loft. If you are further afield we can arrange a collection and delivery service for you.  


Once your sail arrives into the loft, give it a check over, and discussing with you any major areas of repair. All of our valeting is by Tip Top Sail Laundry, are based in Portsmouth and have 36years worth of experience in Sail and Cover Valeting. They can handle sails from the smallest dinghy sail up to and beyond 800 Kilo superyacht sails. 


Once they are washed, we give the sails a professional check over and ensure any repairs that need doing are completed, to get you back on the water.

If there is something we can help you with, please contact us.

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