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Yacht: Sprayhoods

Sprayhoods are a perfect addition to your yacht, protecting you from the elements whilst at mooring and out sailing. There are lots of different options when designing Sprayhoods, but most importantly, we design them with you, making the most of your boat dimensions.

We use Sunbrella Marine Canvas to make our sprayhoods. For more information, please get in touch.

In the meantime, have a browse through the pictures below to see a small selection of what we have done before.

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Yacht: Canopy Enclosure

Canopy Enclosures are great for when your at mooring or in a marina. By adding a full canopy enclosure to your yacht, it turns your cockpit into an extra 'room'. It could give you more space to relax during rain shower, or simply give you a place to dry off before going down into your boat.

There are so many different options when designing an enclosure, but as everything we make is custom made, you can literally start with a blank canvas. Feel free to send us a pictures of any design specifics that you have in mind and we will work with you to achieve the cover that you want. 


For more information, please get in touch.

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Yacht: All-Over Winter Covers

An All - Over winter Cover is a good investment, as it gives your boat great protection over the winter months, or whilst your boat is on the hard for many years. Ensuring it's your cover that gets weathered and not your boat. We work with you to design a cover that works for your needs, making sure it's weather tight, and well fitting. 

We recommend WeatherMax 80 cloth for all Winter cover as it is lightweight but durable, waterproof, breathable and we believe it delivers the best results.


For more information, please get in touch.

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Yacht Covers: All-Over Winter Covers

All - Over winter Covers


For more information, please get in touch.

Cover Valeting & Repairs

We provide a full repair and valeting service for all your covers. We can remove and replace your covers from your boat if you are local, or you can drop them off at the loft. If you are further afield we can arrange a collection and delivery service for you. It is important to clean your covers every few years, as it will help prolong the life of the cover.


Once your cover arrives into the loft, we give it a check over, and discussing with you any major areas of repair. All of our valeting is by Tip Top Sail Laundry, they are based in Portsmouth and have 36years worth of experience in Sail and Cover valeting. All covers that are washed, get water-proofed as standard.


Once they are washed, we give the covers a professional check over and ensure any repairs that need doing are completed, to get you back on the water.

For more information, please get in touch.

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If there is something we can help you with, please contact us.

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